My First Task


The objective of my first assigned is to group the major characters in a movie by face recognition. So, I am given a movie file and by running my ‘module’, I would be able to say that these characters A, B & C appear the most in the movies and here are the images of each of these characters (grouped by characters) captured in the movie.

Here is how I think I will tackle the problem step-by-step:

i) Face Detection

I will run the movie frame by frame. On every 10-20 frames, I will run a face detector program to capture the faces appearing in the picture frame. The faces in each frame will be cropped and saved in the computer. At the end of this process I will have a collection of faces from the movie

ii) Align

The cropped faces may need to be processed. Some of the things I believe I need to do are:

  • Have all the images to have the same size
  • Align the features of the face (e.g. eyes, nose, mouth) to pretty much the same area in every image
  • Rotate the faces that are tilted

iii) Classify

Then I run a classification algorithm. The algorithm should hopefully classify the faces into groups. Each group should contain faces with similar characteristics (i.e. the group should contain the face of one character (if there are twins in the movie, then I will be in trouble!).

I hope it will just be this easy. I am sure will encounter a lot of problems as I progress! =p


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