Machine Learning Online Class on Coursera

I took a Machine Learning online course on Coursera earlier last year. The course is great for beginners like me and I am able to grasp the basic concepts of Machine Learning after taking this course. There is not a lot of math and proofs in the lectures; instead it focuses more on how you can run the algorithms and apply these algorithms to the real world. Its assignments are also quite fun to do and show you how you can build systems for spam filtering, film recommendation system, digit recognition, server cluster monitoring, etc.

The assignments are done in Octave or Matlab, which is a very good language for dealing with matrices.

This course is conducted by Andrew Ng, a prominent figure in the Artificial Intelligence field. He is a professor at Stanford, a founder of Coursera and until recently was the head of Artificial Intelligence of Baidu in Silicon Valley.  I wonder what he is up to next after leaving Baidu!

Back to the course, I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn the basics of Machine Learning!



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